Terms and Conditions for Trading

Slippage: This term refers to the difference between the price that was requested, and the price obtained typically due to changing market conditions. In the case that the price obtained is higher than the price requested by the investor, it is called "positive slippage". Whereas, if the price obtained is lower than the price requested by the investor, it is called a "negative slippage".

Slippage is a normal occurrence in the market and a common deal for foreign exchange markets.

The price obtained in a deal can vary significantly from the original price during unusual market conditions. This often occurs in the following cases:

- When prices change rapidly

- During news spread

- When there is insufficient cash flow to execute a specific trading volume at the advertised price

- During market opening hours


The suspension or closing of trading depends on the price increase or decline during the same session and in accordance to the relevant rules of exchange.

* The volatile period in the direction of increase or decrease of prices is significantly far from the advertised prices.